Saturday, August 31, 2013

Home Depot Woes Continued and Friend-y BBQ

Home Depot Woes: I ordered the fan blade arms online for pick up at Home Depot last night.  I got a call around 6:45 AM saying that they were not able to complete the order, but they didn't provide a reason.  WTH?!  I got out of bed and ordered it again for pick up at another Home Depot (3rd one this week).  When I got the fan blade arms home, I realized that screw holes in the fan blades were too loose and the screws wouldn't hold in them.  I've decided to order 2 sets of replacement fan blades.  I only need one set but I wanted a back up in case I screwed up.  It's easier to return than to wait for another set to arrive.  Ah, homeownership.  Lovely.

Ebay Updates: I sold all the Disney movies that I bought last week from my neighbor.  Mary Poppins by itself (herself?) went for $17.49.  Finding Nemo, Lion King, Fox and Hound, and Alice in Wonderland as a lot went for $19.75.  Translation: bought all 5 for $10, sold for $37.24.  This'll definitely help pay for my ceiling fan replacement items.

BBQ: Julie prepped a very nice feast for us tonight.  Meg and Robyn came over and Julie invited some of her friends.  I wasn't sure if it'd be two separate conversations going on at the dinner table, but we all gelled very nicely.  We laughed so hard at times. 

Meg, Robyn, and I also made plans for our undergrad young alumni weekend. Page and her brother are planning to come too.  This was funny since Page only sent out an email about it yesterday and within about 24 hours we have a hotel booked.  Planning: we do it well!

 It was a really nice evening and a good way to close up the summer.  We're having a humid weekend, so I'm kinda looking forward to cooler weather.


June K said...

Wow, that is pretty early to call a customer at 6:45am. I know those home improvement stores open early but still. Good luck with the replacements. You are doing fantastic with your yard sale finds and eBAY sales. I should learn how to sell on eBAY (I've just bought). I don't even have to do yard sales to find stuff to sell - I have enough craft stuff I'd like to sell. Have a good remainder of the weekend.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

You are doing well on Ebay....I should try it too, some day.

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