Sunday, August 11, 2013


Julie and I finally went to see The Wolverine today at the movie theater.  I love me some Hugh Jackman!  Who doesn't.  It was amazing.  So, SO good.  I loved it more than the first solo Wolverine movie.  Sequels can be kinda anti-climatic, as in you wait and wait and wait for it to be in the theaters only to be disappointed at the end.  I think this is the rare instance where the the sequel was better than the first movie.  It's definitely something that I'd buy and add to my DVD collection.

Before the movie, we went to CVS...Julie had a coupon for candy and I had $3 Extra Bucks and a $1 Sally Hansen.  I basically got this Sally Hansen XtremeWear polish in Pacific Blue for free. I had been eyeing it for a while and heard great things about it on YouTube and blogs.  This was the perfect opportunity to buy it.
After the movie, we went to get sandwiches at PotBelly.  The SharkWeek coupon (buy a sandwich and get a free cookie) was still applicable.  Yum!
Julie spent the rest of the day hanging out at my place.  She played some of the old school Nintendo games that I got last week as well as the Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt game that I acquired via Ebay this past week.  We also watched the second X-Men movie that I had on DVD.  Two Hugh Jackman movies in one day...hooray!


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