Friday, August 30, 2013

Home Depot Woes

YAY, the start of my 4 day weekend!  Post office, ATM, gas for the car, Goodwill (no luck there), Target for candy (the 1st Target didn't have any of the pumpkin spice M&Ms, but the second one that I went to did...yum!).

The fan blade arms that I ordered online were the wrong size, as I found out when I went to pick them up after I went to my parents' house for dinner.  Mmmyeah.  Fortunately, I realized this really quickly because I brought the broken arm with me.  The new set was smaller and the screw holes did not line up.  I went back to return them and got back in the car to see if they'd be in stock at another Home Depot.  Oh, yes, they were, so I drove out to the other Home Depot.

However, they were not where they were supposed to be.  I had to get someone to climb on a ladder and look around for it.  No luck.  They had white and polished brass ones available, and I was THIS close to getting them just to resolve this problem.  However, that would mean that I'd have to replace all the fan blade arms so that they would all match.  I decided to leave the store with nothing and order them online. 
4-blade fan (instead of 5)?  No problem.  Still good.  Zzzz.


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