Friday, August 2, 2013

Day Off, Day 3

I did a lot of running around today to see if I could get my cousin's birthday present in-store rather than buying it online.  I went to 3 stores and had no luck.  Wrong color, wrong size, wrong color and size.  Blah.  I went to a thrift store and Goodwill during my travels.  I didn't get anything at those places either.  I did see a Wii Balance Board at Goodwill, which I thought was weird.  Why would anyone just give it away?!  The one thing that I did buy was a very berry sundae when I came out of the mall, so that my trip wouldn't have been a total waste.  I also baked some brownies to share with my sister and cousins.  I also took the remainder of the cookies that my big boss gave me to my family because having them at my place is dangerous.  At least someone else is enjoying them.  I already ate enough of them!

Off to the Baltimore Aquarium with Meg and Robyn tomorrow!


June K said...

Hi Tina, sorry you couldn't find your cousin's present at three different stores. I hate when that happens. Sometimes I try my luck at the stores vs online to save on shipping and after going to all these stores I end up telling myself I should have just ordered online paid the shipping fee and saved on my time and gas money. Glad you came out with a berry sundae at least. Have a good weekend.

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