Friday, June 27, 2014

Ebay Sales Update (May and June 2014)

The Vera Bradley laptop bag that I bought for $4 last Sunday sold for $29.99.

I sold a set of 24 DVDs, seasons 1-6 for $23.99.  I wish I had gotten more for them, but oh well, at least they are out of my closet!

I also sold a set of 6 punches that I wasn't using anymore for $9.99

I sold my dad's e-reader that he got as a retirement present.  I used it mostly since Dad got an iPad.  I thought the thing was a piece of junk.  Nothing compared to what an iPad could do.  That went for $9.99 as well.  As long as the buyer is happy with it, that's fine with me!

I also went for a run today...the first road run in a while (maybe more than a year, I'm ashamed to say).  It was a nice weather outside and I didn't want to pass it up.  I also wanted to try out the tracker feature on my Fitbit app.


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