Monday, June 23, 2014

Regular Check-Up Day

I went to work a little late this morning so that I could take RJ to the vet. For some reason, he has no problem going into the crate, but then once he gets into the car, he wails all the way there.  Mom always had to take the crate out a few days in advance so that Ginger wouldn't get spooked.  On the day of, Mom would have to catch her with a towel and toss her in the crate because the cat would know she's onto something.  Fortunately, the vet isn't too far from my house so I wouldn't have to hear the protesting for too long.  There was a misbehaving dog in the vet's office, so he was a little nervous about that. 

The worst part was when the vet technician took his temperature.  He tried twice and gave up because of the yowling, so he took RJ to get weighed instead.  14.6 pounds.  Yikes.  The vet didn't comment on his weight, but he had a little tarter buildup.  He's up for a cleaning, so I plan to take him in about 6 weeks.  When I was waiting to pay for the visit, there were 2 other cats waiting for their turn.  One brown/white tabby and one ginger/white tabby. 

Before Robyn and Meg came over on Saturday, I went to Safeway to get some fruit and groceries.  I happened to walk by an endcap display and I saw these peanut butter Oreos.  Yum!  Well, they are gone now since we pretty much ate the whole bag while chatting.  I'l definitely be getting another bag for myself or at least to share with my office mates.


Almost Precious said...

Cats are timid about going to the vet. My sister has a dark grey, long hair cat, Spooky, that has to be anesthetized just to have its claws clipped, otherwise the cat goes ballistic.
I'll have to look for those Oreo peanut butter cookies - I mean what's not to like about chocolate and peanut butter? :)

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

MMM must check out those cookies!!!

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