Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Little Rock, Day 4

Today was super busy: awards breakfast, a session on legalized marajuana, a session on return on investment, poster presentations, and a session that I had to moderate (my first time!).

I had an oops moment when I was trying to take my poster down from the standing bulletin board. The folding chair that I was standing on was not very stable and I went down.  Fortuantely, I was able to catch myself, but I felt bad because the poster bulletin board almots fell on someone on the other side.  Good thing the posters were in the back of the exhibit hall.  How embarrassing. 

One of the vendors was giving out these 3D puzzles.  I saw that my boss had it and I dug in.  I told her I'd have it done by the end of the day and I could give it back to her.  My coworkers were going to a restaurant called Brave New Restaurant, but I decided to camp out in my room and do the 3D puzzle.  I had gone out all the other nights, so I felt like it was okay to be a hermit tonight.
I got the cobb salad from room service and about 45 minutes later, I finished the puzzle.  It was nice to get some vegetagbles after a few days of fried, artery-clogging (but awesome) food.


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