Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Empties #3

I saw this shirt at the mall when I went to get a haircut yesterday.  I wanted to get it, but then I wondered when I would be able to wear it since we can't wear shirts with writing on them at work. :(

I've been slowly whittling away at my toiletries closet stockpile.  I have a tendency to bring home those travel sized shampoos, conditioners and lotions from hotels when I travel to work.  After many trips to CDC, my supply spans 2 quart size ziplock bags.  Time to address it.  I tackled the mini lotions and mini toothpastes first. I also went through a thing of Loreal EverStyle.  This is my second tube of this stuff.  I want to repurchase it once I finish a bottle of leave-in conditioner that I'm working on.  I finally finished my tube of candy cane Chapstick.  It came in a pack of 3, so 2 more to go!  The last exciting thing that I finished was a black eyeliner.  I have some other black eyeliners that I'm working through before I repurchase this one.


Almost Precious said...

I hear you. :) Those little bottle and tubes seem to multiply when we are not looking. We used to bring home several tiny bottles of hotel shampoos, conditioners and lotions - not to mention the wee little bars of soaps - whenever we traveled. Pretty soon we had one whole, bathroom cabinet drawer full of them. So for the last 2 years I've said we will not bring home one more hotel bottle of anything until this stuff is gone.
Your post has reminded me that I do need to clean out my make-up supplies, some are a couple of years old and I've not used a lot of them in a very long time. They say one should throw out make-up that is 9 months old but I wonder how many of us really do that ? I think that would get a bit expensive.

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