Monday, June 9, 2014

Update on Banana Pudding and Harry the Cat

The internet was down when I got to the office this morning.  Blah, what a start to the week!

The banana pudding that made for work yesterday was a big hit at the office. When I checked on the status of it after lunch there is only a one cookie square worth left. I originally wanted to make cookies for a potluck celebration for directors retirement on Friday but I might change my mind and make pudding instead since the ingredients on sale.

I went to spin class tonight (2 classes in a row now...yay!) and then I went over to my parents house to eat dinner. Their relationship with the homeless cat Harry has improved dramatically over the last couple of months. He doesn't run away when you open the door but instead will come up to you, meow and rub his body against your hand. 


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