Saturday, June 14, 2014

Run For Roses

Volunteer Activity #4 of 2014:  Another early Saturday morning for me!  This time, I signed up to volunteer at registration for the Run For Roses race: "Run for Roses is a 5K race for women only and part of the Maryland RRCA’s Women’s Distance Festival Series."  One funny thing was that the Human Resources director at work (an avid runner) was volunteering as a course marshal.  By 8:30 AM, I had done my good deed for the day.

Yard sale find: I went to a community yard sale near the race and didn't find much there except for a Sleeping Beauty DVD for Ebay resale.  I had spotted The Lion King and The Little Mermaid DVDs too, but when I opened up the cases, I noticed that the discs with the movies were empty!  Whew, good thing I checked!  Sleeping Beauty was the only complete set.  After going to that yard sale, I stopped by Dunkin Donuts to get some treats for my family (I had a coupon, yay) and stopped my house to get the rest of the banana pudding from the potluck yesterday to share with my sister Julie.  Mmm, donuts.  I got 2 blueberry cake, 2 Boston Cream and 2 strawberry jelly filled.  My cousin was mowing his lawn so he got blueberry and jelly donuts.  Julie was on her way to work so I didn't get to chat with her that long.  I picked up her old microwave since mine is out of commission until the Samsung guy comes to replace the keypad next Friday.  
I wondered if I'd see Harry today, but instead, it was Hans that came to eat Harry's food.  Mom put a lid on the food to keep him out (even though, Hans had eaten half of it already!).  What a jerk.  He clearly has a home since he has a collar, so he doesn't need the food! 

When I got home, I took a nice nap and then afterwards I was energize to take a long walk outside.  It was nice to enjoy the weather outside since this past week was very rainy and gross.  I need to soak it up since there's supposed to be a heat wave this upcoming week.

I also did a round of Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones tonight too. 
Sorry, Hans.  No food for you.


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