Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Comp Day

In a last minute decision, I decided to take the comp day that I earned from working last week's annual meeting.  I've been putting off getting a haircut for a few weeks, and I figured today would be a good day to do it since it's a weekday.  Also, with the summer months, it gets too hot to have really long hair!  Oh, and thanks hairdresser lady.  Yes, I know I have grey hairs. Why do hairdressers have to call attention to them?  Is it some sort of PSA?  It's not like I didn't know. :P

When I got home, I made lunch and noticed that my microwave display had an error message on it.  Noooo!  After doing some internet research on it, it turns out it's a common problem with Samsung microwaves.  Double nooo!  I promptly called customer service to see if I could get a technician to come and repair it. It sounds like I'll be microwave-less for the next few days. :(

Sigh.  Oh well.

So what else did I do on my day off?

Play with makeup!

I redid my nails because the blue China Glaze polish that I used on Sunday just wasn't opaque enough.  I took it off and went with Sally Hansen's I-rish Luck, a new polish that I bought.  It's pretty and very similar to China Glaze's Starboard (oops...).  I also whipped out some of the Loreal Infallible eyeshadows I bought recently and created what turned out to be a dramatic look with them.  Too bad the camera couldn't capture how vibrant the teal color was.  It'd take some guts for me to walk into work with this look on, but it was fun to do anyway.

I went to spin class tonight (third day in a row!).  And then I promptly went to the grocery store to buy banana pudding supplies for Friday's potluck retirement party.


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