Friday, June 20, 2014

Hard Work Paying Off

My committee chair was in town WED and TH for a meeting. This is her last year as chair, but she'll be staying on for another year to help with the transition. She's been chair for 6 years and I've worked with her the whole time. I don't know anything else. It'll be an adjustment to work with new chair, but she's super nice, so I don't foresee any problems. Anyway, during the lunch break yesterday, she pulled me aside and gave me a gift and card. I was so touched.  I thought it was amusing that she gave me a homemade card instead of one from Hallmark.  She knows that I make cards, so this was a great gesture.  Her note was super sweet too.  I guess all the nagging that I do pays off.  The gift was a necklace with 2 charms on it.  I'm pretty sure I can't wear it because my nickel allergy would flare up, but I can put it on a key chain or something.

Mom and Dad went to celebrate Aunt's birthday this afternoon at Cantler's and were nice enough to bring food back for those that couldn't go.  I got a crabcake platter, yum!

After dinner at my parents' house, I went to get cat food from Petsmart and wander around Target.  I ran into the Director of Contracts from work there.  She was trying to get her son ready for camp.


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