Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Little Rock, Day 5

Yay, the day is here!  It's just a half day of sessions and then it's time to go home!  At one point, I saw my boss walking away with one of the laboratory directors. "We're taking a walk to the old state house.  Do you want to come along?"  What? What about the session? Why aren't you in the session?, I thought.  "Um, that's okay."  Well, if she's not going to be in a session, I don't have to feel bad that I only want to go to half of it.

For lunch, 4 of us went to the Capital Bar and Grill.  The other 3 girls had the catfish sandwich.  I went the cobb salad.  All 4 of us had a serving of the banana pudding.  Out of everything I ate on this trip, that was the best thing I ate.
We took the hotel shuttle to the airport and it was like being at the annual meeting all over again because everyone was at the airport to get home.  The Little Rock airport wasn't big at all like DCA or ATL, so it's not like there were terminals for people to go to.  My flight was probably a quarter of people from the office.  I approached my seat on the plane and a lady was sitting in it.  "Are you 8C?"  "Yeah, but I wanted to sit with my kid.  You should check with the stewardess back there about your seat." 

WTH lady?!  No need to give me an attitude.  Geeze! Don't mess with me.  I've been away from home since Saturday.  I'm tired and I want to go home.  Why don't you tell me where your original seat was so I can sit down?!

"Ok."  (snarl).

A series of muscial chairs happened and the mom with her kids ended up sitting up in first class.  It was all very confusing.  The flight was a little turbulent, but it came into DCA early.  A coworker and her husband drove me to my parents' house where I parked my car.  After chatting with everyone for about an hour, it was probably 10:00 PM when I walked through my own door.

Yay, I'm home!


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