Friday, December 26, 2014

After Christmas Sales

I had major plans for after Christmas shopping, but then when I actually got to the mall, I had feelings of "But I don't really need this."  I ran into Mom at Target and she asked what I was buying.

Christmas candy. (2 things of Lindt truffles, 1 thing of Reese's peanut butter trees, and 1 family pack of Rolos)

Ok, I do need some reduced priced chocolate.  Especially Rolos, in case I want to make a batch of them to take to the office for Movie Days.  I went to Bath and Body Works, who was advertising their semi-annual sale.  While 75% off, I couldn't justify buying a $3 bottle of lotion.  I found some booties from DSW at 40% off clearance, but I'll sit on that for a few more days to see if the feeling goes away.

I do have self control, who knew?


Jen W. said...

LOL! Oh, Tina! You are the self control queen in my book! You'd be mortified by my finances!

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