Saturday, December 20, 2014

Good Customer Service at Target

My goal of going to Target today was to take advantage of their buy $10 worth of dry baking goods and get $3 off.

Except when I checked my receipt after I checked out, I realized that I didn't get the $3 off.  Hm, what happened?  I went back to the baking aisle and realized that it was a mobile coupon that you had to use.  I thought it was automatic.  Nooo!

I debated if $3 was worth going back for, and decided that it was (it's almost a fun Starbucks drink!), so I got in the customer service line.

Hi, I'm really sorry, but I just purchased these chocolate chips and realized that I didn't apply the coupon.  Is there anything that can be done about that?

I braced myself for some unfriendly customer service just because it's the holidays and Target has been really busy.

Much to my surprise, the guy asked for the coupon and I showed him my phone and did some magic on the cash register and gave me my $3.  o_0  Yay!  No complaints.  No eye rolling.  Totally pleasant.

I went over to my parents' house because a cousin from my dad's side of the family was coming over with his kids and wife.  Mom made some lunch bags for the kids and a shopping bag for his wife.  I made cookies on Friday night because they are always bringing food to share with Dad and I usually get half of it, so I figured it'd be the right thing to do reciprocate.  I asked the kids a whole bunch of questions about school.  It's really shocking to me to see how much their educational experience is different from mine.

"Do you know what the dewey decimal system is?"  Noooo.  (Right...what a dumb question).
"Well, how do you know where to find a history book?"  You got to the history section of the library and or ask the librarian.

I asked what they've been doing over break.  Watching movies!  Like what?  Mighty Ducks on Netflix!

Ah, a classic.  Fine. You can have your smart boards and iPads in school, but as far as movies go, sometimes the old stuff can't be beat!


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Thank you for the neat Christmas card Tina....I liked very much!!!

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