Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Empties #5

I think there was a total of 10 people at the office today.  Probably worse than a Friday at the office.  I reviewed a document and sent changes to the Communications girl and got a draft of an article done for the quarterly publication and off to my boss for review, so yay for productivity.

I was eating some snacks with Reggie as he was looking for a ugly Christmas sweater.  The big boss came by to let us leave early.  Reggie asked him if he knew where to get an ugly Christmas sweater and I blurted out "You're asking the wrong person."  Uh oh, well, I only said that because the big boss is Jewish.  I was hoping that didn't come across as obnoxious. I don't think he did because he laughed and gave me a high five.

I dug out my box of empties earlier this evening because I finished another tube of toothpaste.  I was happy to finish that $10 bar of soap that I got from when I went to the dermatologist for my shingles. I'm not sure it was necessary, but I'm glad that I didn't let it go to waste.  The only thing in here that I have repurchased is the nail polish remover.  I enjoyed the perfume samples that I finished, but I don't think I'll invest in a full bottle of any of them until I finish my most recent perfume purchases.  I liked Marc Jacobs's Daisy and Dot and Estee Lauder's Beautiful more than Estee Lauder's Beyond Paradise.


Anonymous said...

Oh...I like Estee Lauder's Beyond Paradise....was sad when I had to throw in the garbage. I have been enjoying the movie Jersey Boys from Netflex. Have you ever seen that movie?? I just love might be my all time favorite. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas. Nice sheets, probably nice and cozy too. Louise

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say, I still have a big bottle of favorite is TABO...yum!! Love when it goes on, but can't smell after that. :)

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