Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 New Year's Resolutions Recap

I decided to telework today since there weren't going to be that many people at the office anyway.  Reggie sent out an email saying that there was not going to be a movie playing today and he gave me a hush-hush tip that said that the big boss was letting us go at 2 PM today.  Whoo hoo!

That gave me time to go to the post office to mail off my last Etsy order for the year (after not having a sale in about 2 months, this was a welcomed surprise!) and Target to get some last minute things for when Robyn and Julie came over for dinner and watching the ball drop: cheese, crackers, Christmas candy on clearance, sparkling grape juice (I think they ran out of sparkling cider because I couldn't find any) and chapstick on clearance.  This was my best find because when I went the day after Christmas to look for this, I couldn't find it.  This wasn't even in the chapstick section of Target.  Original price: $4.99 and it was reduced to $1.49.  There was a limited edition cake batter one that I'm sure smells delicious, but I thought 1 chapstick purchase would be enough.

Robyn and Julie came over around 7 and I got pizza (spinach/sausage and ham/pineapple).  We watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier and watched the ball drop.  Wheee.

Let's recap to see how I did in 2014.

2014 Resolutions to complete by January 1, 2015...
  • I feel like my recent resolutions have had something to do with my house.  This year, I want to do at least one of the following:
    • Get my windows replaced as I find them to not be very energy efficient.
    • Get my shower door replaced with a shower curtain.  The door is so hard to clean!
    • Get my closet doors replaced.  I think the metal ones that I have now are functional but I don't find them to be particularly attractive.  FAIL...House stuff was not a priority because money this year was spent on travel and RJ medical costs.
  • Read at least 15 books.  I'm hoping to curve my NCIS, Law and Order: SVU, and Real Housewives addiction.  SUCCESS, especially with my new author find (Jill Shalvis).  I basically binged read several series written by her during the past month. 
  • Utilize the gym more often other than going to spin class.  I'm paying for the membership, I might as well go!  Maybe this is where I can watch my reality television, tee hee.  SUCCESS.  I did more running at the gym this year.
  • Limit new make-up, clothing, and craft supplies.  I have enough of all three categories.  SUCCESS/FAIL.  I did really well with limiting new craft supply purchases, but not so much with the make-up (I don't even want to go here...I will be depressed) and clothing (I got a few new dresses from JCPenney and some clothes from Old Navy).
  • Branch out a little more when it comes to make-up.  Rock a more colorful lip or a more dramatic eye every so often.  SUCCESS.  I've gotten really good with my gel liner/winged liner. Scotch tape is the key to getting a clean line, a la Casey Holmes.
  • Do at least 10 volunteer events.  I did a lot of donating last year in terms of clothes and some craft supplies, but I want to do more and focus on donating my time this year.  SUCCESS.  This is what I'm most proud of this year.  The volunteer events I did were either race or food-related.
  • Try at least 10 new recipes (baked goodies/desserts do not count).  I have my eye on this Taiwanese sesame oil chicken recipe and was inspired when I ate it at my parents' house recentlyFAIL, although I did make the sesame oil chicken recipe that I mentioned.  I made it to 5 new recipes this year, but really it's 4 because 1 of them was banana pudding which is obviously a dessert. :P
  • Get to at least 900 Etsy sales.  I'm currently at 824 sales.  FAIL, but I came close with 895 sales.
Things that I accomplished but were not on the list:
I'm still compiling a list of New Years Resolutions, so stay tuned.


Jen W. said...

I like your New Year's posts where you check in to see how well you did. Maybe this year instead of thinking, "I should do that" I'll actually do it! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

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