Monday, June 18, 2012

A Bad Interview

I was asked to participate in an interview today. This particular position has been open for almost a year and we were so close to getting it filled in May, but the candidate got a better offer. Well, I can't blame her. It'd be silly to not take the better offer.

Anyway, for the one today, I knew in the first 5 minutes that he would not be a good fit in the association. It was like he forgot all the interview rules. He showed up almost late (as opposed to 10 minutes early). He gave very minimal eye contact to me and the other staff person interviewing. When asked how his co-workers would describe him, he said "outgoing" (and some other things that I don't remember). o_0 Oh, really? I totally didn't get that vibe from him since he cracked very few smiles during the interview. I became so disinterested that I stopped writing down any of his answers...okay, maybe I wrote down a few notes here and there, but not nearly as many notes as someone that I'd like to bring back for a second interview.

After he left, the two of us in the room asked the director (who was on the phone) what she thought of the candidate since she could only hear what he had to say. "Oh, I thought he was great! I really liked his answers!" D and I looked at each other and smiled because, without even saying anything, we knew the other person didn't like the candidate. We let the director finish what she had to say and then we launched into all the reasons why we didn't like him.


I told another co-worker what happened and he offered that maybe the guy was nervous. "You guys are intimidating!" Well, if we're intimidating, you definitely shouldn't work here because there are other people and members that are tougher than we are.

On another note, the air conditioning people are coming over tomorrow to save me. Just in time for some 90 degree weather.


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