Friday, June 1, 2012

AC woes, continued

AC Woes: The AC man came to the house this afternoon and looked around both the inside and outside portions of my heat pump. After about 30 minutes, he shut off the switch to the unit in the circuit breaker panel. You know when it's bad when...

There were a variety of things wrong with my unit which would explain why things weren't working. Leaking refrigerant (that's why the air wasn't cold coming out of the vents) and a faulty relay (that's why the fan kept running and never turned off). His solution was to replace the unit in my house because it's 26 years old and it's time to get something that'll be more efficient.

Oh, and guess what.

It probably won't be covered by the home warranty. And even if it is covered, you don't want to get the machinery that's covered by the home warranty because it'll be on the cheaper end anyway.

Sometimes, being a homeowner stinks.

Fortunately, the weather will be nice the next few days and I can open my windows.

Thank you, Mother Nature.

Good news: Julie's home for the weekend :) Well, FRI and SAT really.

Spin class: In honor of the Queen's jubilee, Anna the spin instructor (originally from England) played a mix that was made of British bands and singers and she wore her Union Jack athletic shirt.


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