Saturday, November 16, 2013

Being Social

Robyn sent a text on Friday night saying that her coworker was having a birthday get-together for her boyfriend and encouraged her to bring friends. She asked if Meg and I were interested in going. Meg's family was in town for the weekend, so she had to decline. I didn't have any plans, so I decided to tag along. The party was at the Science Club and I met some of her coworkers who were very nice. Robyn said that the coworker that did the inviting looked like Anne Hathaway, and she was right! Most of the time there was spent chatting with another coworker about recent television/movies/books, and the differences between gay and straight weddings (this coworker had been with his boyfriend for 8 years and he didn't mind the slew of questions we asked).

At one point the bartenders took away the birthday guy's present, which was a thing of alcohol.  I was like WTH?!  I told "Anne Hathaway" and she said that she knew they did that because they have a policy against alcohol being consumed that wasn't purchased at the club.  Ok, understood.  I thought they were stealing his present, and that would have been totally uncool!


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