Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

My uncle and aunt went to their son-in-law's family's house for Thanksgiving dinner instead of hanging out with us. So, it was just Mom, Dad, Julie, my friend Robyn, 4 cousins and me. Julie came over before dinner to make mashed potatoes and roasted sweet potatoes. My mom's oven and my cousin's oven were both in use. Good thing I don't live that far away!

I decided to go to Redbox and get a movie to bring along with me to my parents' house so we could watch it.  I chose The HeatRobyn, Julie and I watched it after all my cousins left to go home.  Typical Melissa McCarthy with the profanity and physical comedy.  It had a few laughs and some unexpected violence.  I'd was hoping for something with better quality since Sandra Bullock was in it.  Overall, nothing that I'd buy or see again.

I reserved the movie online and then went to pick it up.  The people that were already at the machine clearly didn't reserve their movie online ahead of time because they looked at every screen to pick out a movie.  GAH.  The person in the car waiting for them called out at one point and then when he saw that 2 people were also waiting for the machine, he honked the horn.  He got the middle finger in response.  Well, that wasn't helpful.

Here are some pictures from the evening...hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! :)
Group photo before chowing down.
Robyn bought an apple pie from Costco, per my request.  I thought it'd round out the dessert selection very nicely.  I brought the pumpkin cheesecake and my cousin made a flan-y dessert.
By using a handmixer, the cheesecake consistency was much smoother than last year's cheesecake.


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