Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quick Trip to Atlanta

For such a short trip, it was so stressful!

Metro was having delays so I was already having heart palpitations on whether I'd be able to get to the gate in time.  I was able to...right when they were boarding first class and Zone 1.  Whew!  The couple next to me was bickering a little, but I tuned it all out by sleeping the whole way there.

When I got to Atlanta, I checked my phone and saw that a bunch of emails came though.  More than usual, and then I realized that it was because Outlook wasn't working yesterday. ARGH!  I noticed one email from the company that we were meeting with today. They needed authorization to attend the meeting since the purchase order hadn't been signed it.  They wanted something on letterhead and I only sent authorization via email.  Ugh, this is horrible.

My next goal was to find wireless Internet after getting off the plane.  I put on my best smile and asked one of the gate attendants where there was wi-fi in the airport.  "Oh, you have to pay for it."  I think he took pity on me for looking defeated.  "Well, here's a little secret, and don't you go telling anyone.  If you get close enough to the Sky Miles Lounge, you might be able to access their wireless."

Woot!  I found the lounge, and of course, my heart sang when my laptop was able to lock in on their Internet.  A half-hour later, I sent off a few emails and was off to find a taxi to get to CDC.

After checking in with the project officers, I went to lunch with my boss.  At the CDC cafe, I say someone that I went to high school with. I saw him a few years ago in Denver at another public health meeting. After chatting for a little bit, I said goodbye so that he could eat his lunch and I went back to sit with my boss.  She was like, "Well, he's not wearing a wedding ring."  OMG, hah.  He's engaged and by the way, just because he's single doesn't mean I want to date him! :P

The meeting with the focus group facilitator and notetaker went well.  We were discussing the focus group guide to prepare for the December 4 focus groups that we're planning.  After the 2-hour meeting, it was off to the airport again. 

Left the house at 6 this morning, returned at 9 PM.  Whew.  Long day.


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