Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fun Snail Mail

Fun snail mail: I posted this on my facebook feed this morning...
I want to try something new for November. These cards have been sitting in a box for the past few months, feeling slightly unloved. I'd like to send them out, but I only have a limited number of snail mail addresses.

If you are interested in receiving one of these cards before Thanksgiving, please Facebook message me your snail mail address. I'll take the first 10 people. Immediate family members and current co-workers are welcome to "enter", but I'm going to limit it to one each for this batch because most of you have received cards from me before, whether through HR or me personally. If this little experiment goes well, I'll do the same thing for December.

A little something to brighten people's days, just because. Don't be shy! Good luck! 
I got 6 takers so far.  I'm thinking about reposting tomorrow so that I can get all 10 cards out like I planned.

Trip to Safeway: a new Safeway opened up down the street about a week ago so I wanted to check it out in all its new and shiny glory.  I was also armed with a bunch of coupons that came with a promotional brochure that I got in the mail.  While the store was very nice, I witnessed some not-so-night behavior from adults.  I wanted to ask one of the staff a question about the coupon and before I could get my question out, the woman snapped at me "Honey, I don't know where anything is in the store.  I'm the sample lady."  Geeze, fine.  I'll ask someone else!  Then in the yogurt aisle, a customer was asking a store person, "Is this the variety of yogurt you have?" She was trying to get the store brand yogurt that was in the coupon book.  The guy said yes. "Well, this isn't a large variety." Well, don't bite that guy's head off.  No one said that you had to buy the store brand.  If you want variety like Fage, take 2 steps to the left, mkay?  Maybe these ladies were just having a bad day...

Among the coupons that I had, I was able to get a loaf of French bread and a 24 oz. soup for free!  I also had a buy $50 worth of food and get $10 off.   My heart was filled with joy when I saw the numbers go down down down on the register.  I know...a little weird.  But I love saving money!

Movie: I was able to snatch Monsters University at Redbox today so Julie came over to watch it with me.  It was cute, but I wouldn't say that I loved it more than the first one.  It was still early in the night so we watched Monsters, Inc. too.


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OHOHOH...I would like a snail mail card...but I don't know your Facebook address...:(

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