Sunday, May 24, 2015

21 Day Eating Clean Challenge

While I was in Indianapolis, one of my CDC colleagues mentioned that she was doing a 20-day vegan challenge. I was inspired to do something similar, but vegan was going to be too tough for me (read: not appealing at all) because I like chicken and cheese (separately, not necessarily together). On my walk with Julie yesterday, we talked about doing a challenge. We decided on eating clean for 21 days, which basically means no junk food (mainly ice cream and candy for me. Chips and salty stuff for Julie) and minimal processed foods.  Ugh, this is going to be tough, especially when I'm at work because I use snack breaks as an excuse to go outside and/or socialize.

"Hey, you wanna get FroYo?"  Um, YES!

I'll be substituting all the candy that I would be eating for more fruit and cheese.

We'll see how this goes.  Will I be able to make it to June 14?? 

Good thing I bought that mini blender a few weeks ago.

In other news, I watched Robocop via Netflix tonight. Not the best movie ever, but entertaining. It actually was kinda creepy if you think more deeply about the movie's concepts. Part man, part machine...can be controlled by someone from the outside. Yikes.


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