Thursday, May 28, 2015

Busy FedEx Day

Today was a very productive day.  At the Indianapolis meeting, I had given framed certificates to those states and locals that have participated in a program that I manage for work. Most of the people gave their certificates back to me so I could ship them when I got home. So that's what I've been doing today and yesterday.  FedEx has been getting lots of business from me!  I also was asked to put together some stipend paperwork for 21 people.  By the time I was done with these two tasks, it was time to leave for VA.  My boss and I have a meeting there tomorrow first thing and instead of the possibility of running into traffic in the morning, we got hotel rooms near the site.

Since we can claim dinner as an expense, we went to an Italian restaurant near the hotel called Dolce Vita and I got the scallop/crab pasta and my boss got the chicken marsala.  Yum!  I cranked out the rest of my Fitbit steps in the hotel gym when I got back.  Whew.


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