Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Indianapolis, Day 4

This morning was a little stressful.  I had to turn over some of my roundtable responsibilities to a coworker because I had to get the certificates that I framed from the hotel office to the exhibit hall in time for the awards breakfast.  It was 4 boxes and they were kinda heavy, but fortunately, I could use the hotel cart to wheel them around.  After the awards breakfast, I had to wheel them out to the lobby so that I could hand them out and people could take pictures with them. It felt a little disorganized, but I think we made it work. Lots of people gave me their certificates back so that I could mail it to them when I got back to the office.

Sessions, sessions, sessions. Nothing interesting...

I wasn't planning on going to the leadership reception the whole time so I snuck off to go to my hotel room to take a break. I set an alarm but was woken up by my phone ringing.  I picked up and my boss asked me what time dinner was.  My brain was scrambling to boot up after being asleep. "Umm, we're meeting at 6:45 PM, dinner is at 7."  "Are you here at the reception?" "Um, I'm making my way there..." I told her as I bolted out of bed to change out of my pajamas and into more public appropriate clothing.  I talked to a few people at the reception but then it was time to meet my committee for dinner at Palomino's. We picked up a few Board of Directors members along the way since they didn't have any dinner plans. I was a little nervous that dinner would take forever with a group this size, but everything went fine. Many of the dinner attendees chose the scallops, but I went with the rissoto and it was delicious! I also got a strawberry drink called a Supernova. In an almost food coma, I went back to my hotel room to start packing and look forward to going home tomorrow.


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