Friday, May 22, 2015

Back to Normal

Yesterday, we got an email saying that we'd get released from work at 2 PM today.  YAY!  How did I celebrate?  By taking a long nap, of course!

When I woke up, I went to Baskin Robbins to get a quart of Baseball Nut ice cream to give to Mom as a thank you for taking care of RJ while I was in Indianapolis. Julie and I also went on a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood. When I got back home, I felt compelled to do a FitnessBlender workout, the first one in about 2 weeks: Total Body Strength Training with Dumbbells - Challenging Dynamic Superset Workout. I was definitely feeling it in my thighs and the back of my legs. It felt good though.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very busy week and you ate really well. Glad to hear things are back to normal. Looks like RJ kept himself busy at your moms on a counter is fare play for all kitty cats!!!!

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