Friday, May 1, 2015

Volunteer Activity #1 of 2015

I feel like I'm a little behind on my volunteering goals for 2015, so I started looking up some races a few weeks ago.  I signed up to do packet pick-up at a 5K race near home from 6-8 PM tonight.  What I learned was that the race benefits the school, specifically their scholarship program. The 5K was established to help families that were affected when the economy was badly hit.  The scholarship allowed some students in need to stay at the school, since it's a private school.  It was cool to see so many families there to help with the race preparation. I felt a little random though because several times, someone would come up to me to ask what my affiliation with the school was and if I had children there.  Nope, just in the "neighborhood" and wanted to help.


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