Saturday, May 16, 2015

Silver Diner Dinner with Julie

I had a busy morning today! The first thing I did was make some cards and envelopes for Suzie for her birthday. I posted this picture on Facebook and one of my coworkers said that it looked like the cards were talking to each other. "Happy birthday!" "Thank you!" Ha ha. I didn't think of it until she said something.

After I went to the post office to drop off the package, I went to the library to return some things.  I saw my uncle while I was there, volunteering with the Master Gardeners.  I could see the gears clicking in his head as I walked towards him. Who is this?  Why are they walking towards me? Oh, it's Tina.

Then I went to the mall to get my eyebrows cleaned up. I bought a tan blazer at JCPenney (it was already 50% off and then I also used a 15% off coupon). I'll probably only wear it once or twice during the meeting tomorrow and then I won't wear it again until next year.  Heh.

I packed this afternoon and then headed over to my parents' house. I figured it would be easier to sleep there tonight since Dad was going to drive me to the airport tomorrow morning. We went to Silver Diner for dinner because she had a buy 1 entrée, get 1 free coupon.  I got the country griddle (eggs, mushrooms, sausage) and Julie got the meatloaf.  I had the same coupon and as a good deed, we gave it to a mom with 3 kids at the table next to us.  She was so happy.  :)


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