Saturday, May 2, 2015

Volunteer Activity #2 of 2015

I went back to St. John's to volunteer at packet pick-up for the race. It's weird that I can jump out of bed early with no problem on the weekend, but I would totally drag my feet on the weekdays if I don't have morning meeting. :P  The people at the school must have had a lot of faith in me because there were stretches of time that I manned the registration pick-up table all by myself.  Good thing I was there last night to learn what was expected of me.

After race pick-up, I went home and made my first smoothie with my new mini blender. Strawberries, banana, blackberries, peach Greek yogurt and some limeade. Yum!  Then I went to my parents' house and got some Fitbit steps in with Julie with a walk around the neighborhood.

I got the movie Neighbors from the library. It was pretty funny...and Zac Efron is easy on the eyes, heh.


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