Saturday, May 30, 2015

Treadmill Day

My fridge was feeling pretty sad this morning, so I went to Costco this morning to get some fruit and I'll get the rest of my groceries after going to spin class tomorrow morning. I also went to Target to get some shampoo because I'll be needing a new bottle soon. I found some Pantene on clearance and one of the Target clerks asked me if I had used it before because she wanted to buy it for herself too.  Nope, haven't used it before.  When I checked out, the cashier handed me the Pantene coupon that the registered spit out.  Meh, I won't be needing it so I walked back to the cosmetics aisle where I found the clerk and handed her the coupon. She was appreciative.  Yay, random act of kindness of the day. :)

I made another batch of the oatmeal that I made on Monday when I got home. Then off to the gym!

I cranked out 2.6 miles in 30 minutes (this is quite an improvement from my previous "PR" of 2.45 miles). YAY!  I wandered around some of the stores around the gym: CVS, Marshalls, and Ulta. I found these cute mugs at Marshalls, but I didn't buy them.  I don't have any more space for that kind of stuff in my cupboards.


Jen W. said...

When you say you made a batch of the oatmeal did you make enough for a couple of days? Just wondered if this would work to save time in the morning or if reheated oatmeal is not a good idea...

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