Friday, May 29, 2015

Meeting Day

At the meeting today, we got boxed lunches from Panera.  I promptly gave up my cookie and chips to my boss because I wanted to keep to the clean eating challenge. She was shocked.  It was like ripping off a bandaid, and then it wasn't so painful after all. I also didn't eat any of the candy and chocolate that was offered during the afternoon sessions. I did eat a few of my Altoids though, but I'll make an exception for those.

I was debating on what to do after the meeting because I knew that traffic was going to be bad around rush hour.  Initially, I was going to go get some steps in at the nearby mall, but a wave of exhaustion came over me and all I wanted to do was get to my parents' house so that I could get RJ and go home. I ended up staying there for a little bit because my cousins came over to visit.  Mom had made some salmon fried rice to share.

I was a little annoyed that I was asked to come to this meeting because my role was not clearly defined.  I spent the whole time basically listening to everyone else talk,  Blah.  I did my part before the event, holding conference calls with the partners to make sure they'd be ready for it.  I will say that seeing the partners happy made me feel fulfilled and relieved though.  Yay, this is going to be the last work trip until July.  Whew.


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