Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Indianapolis, Day 3

Nothing really interesting happened during the meeting today, but one amusing thing that happened today at lunch was...

One of the committee members and I were going to sit together for lunch today so that we could talk about next steps for one of our projects. That's what we agreed to do yesterday when we saw each other at the poster session. I spotted him halfway through lunch sitting with some other people.  Hey, no socializing!  We have work to do!  I walked over there and when I sat down, he said, "Oh, Tina's here. That means that we have to do work."  Hah. 

For dinner tonight, I went with 7 of my coworkers to St. Elmo's Steakhouse.  It was one of the places that was highly recommended that we go to while we were in Indianapolis.  Jennifer and I shared their world famous shrimp cocktail. We were warned by the waiter about the freshly grounded horseradish that they put in the cocktail sauce, but wow, that definitely packed quite a punch.  My mouth felt like it was on fire. The heat went up my nose and made my eyes water. After I ate the first shrimp, I was kinda scared to eat another one, but I ate my share so I could get my money's worth. While many of the others got steaks (it was a steakhouse after all), I got the fried shrimp platter with the loaded baked potato and the navy bean soup.
World famous shrimp cocktail
Fried shrimp platter


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