Thursday, August 30, 2012

AC Woes, Finale?

New AC Unit: Ok, knock on wood, this is the end of my AC woes. I've had the inside unit replaced in June, and then today, I had the outside fan unit replaced. So, this is what it feels to have AC in my house? It's such a foreign feeling, I've almost forgotten what it feels like, ha ha. The time frame that I was given was between 11 and 4 today, and the service men showed up around 2:45 PM (not 4:20 PM like last time). Within an hour, they had the unit installed and I took a celebratory nap with AC flowing through the house. It gave me a great sense of satisfaction to see the thermostat go from 84 degrees to 78.

Sears woes, continued: The people from Sears have been taking their sweet time getting back to me regarding my horrible experience with them doing my air vent cleaning. I called them yesterday to follow-up since they hadn't called me back in the 24-48 hours they promised me, which was about 2 weeks ago. Nope, not acceptable. The lady on the phone had the audacity to a) act like she didn't know what I was talking about (hello, did you people take notes the last time I called?) and b) tell me that someone would call me ASAP. I took the complaint to Twitter to see how Sears would respond and it turns out that the corporate office and local office both called me to apologize and try to resolve the problem. I'm not going to pay for an expensive UV light mold prevention system if y'all's technicians aren't certified to identify mold. I'm leaning towards asking them to uninstall it and refund me the cost. I'm also not going to take any crap about "You'll have to pay for a restocking fee." You already installed this gadget in someone's house. Are you really going to reinstall it in someone else's house? I'm confused. The excitement never ends...


June K said...

Amazing what Twitter can do. You go girl!!! Take no crap from Sears. So glad you have your A/C back. I would die if ours were out.

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