Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big Sigh

Air vent cleaning: Oh, house woes. I had Sears come and clean my air vents on Monday, but then I ended up also having them clean out my dryer vent and install some covers on the outside to prevent birds from building nests in the outside vents. They also installed a UV mold prevention system in my heat pump, which was very expensive, and now I'm not really sure if it was necessary. The workers left some screws around the house (what if RJ or I stepped on any of them?!) and some debris outside the house, which I'm not too pleased about. I will give them a piece of my mind tomorrow. I hope I won't have to use my sassy voice.

I'm having the power company install a programmable thermostat on WED, so I'm hoping that experience is less painful on my wallet.

RJ: Because of the work that was being done on the house Monday, my boss allowed me to work from home. I caught RJ on the couch in a "sea otter position." I wish my work days were that relaxing.

My cousin gave my mom some European gummy bears. Interesting.

Cards: My friend Page sent me a picture last night that really warmed my heart. It's a picture of all the homemade cards that I sent her over the years.


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