Friday, August 3, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Haircut: Unfortunately, I was not able to go to my FRI morning spin class because I switched my usual work-from-home day from FRI to MON this week. My boss was going to be in the office today so I wanted to make sure that I was available in case she had any last minute things to talk about before heading to the airport in the afternoon. She didn't, but that's okay. I was able to get a bunch of things crossed off my to-do list. Once she left, I went to Hair Cuttery to get a haircut. I saw a sign for $16 haircuts in the window a few days ago and made a mental note to investigate further. Even though I loved the haircut that I got back in March, it's just too expensive. The haircut, shampoo, blow dry and generous tip all together doesn't even come up to the cost of the actual haircut that I got at the March salon! I walked away feeling victorious that I got a haircut AND I saved some money. The haircut is probably a little shorter than I'd like, but that's the great thing about grows back!

Shopping: The Hair Cuttery is in the same mall as the Marshalls so I went in to look for the punches that people have been showing off in their recent haul videos. There was quite a collection! You should have seen me climb the shelves to get to them since they were on the very top rack. I tried to find a step stool so I wouldn't look like a 5-year-old misbehaving, but no luck there. After a few tries and risking my life, I got 3 EK Success punches. They had some Martha Stewart ones, but a) I liked the EK Success ones more and b) they are easier to store. Each was $3.99 ($15-$18 regular price)! The 3 that I got were Parisian, Retro Flower, and Lattice Chain.

::evil laugh::

Dinner and family time:
After work, I went to Panera to meet up with Jessie, my friend from grad school. We had a 2-hour girl talk, and then I went to my parents' house since I hadn't been there since Monday. What? No one was home! I then went to check out my cousin's house. Again, no one was home! I went to my uncle/aunt's house...yay, they were home watching Brian Williams's news broadcast. I stayed there for about an hour and went back to check if anyone was home at my parents' house or my cousin's house. I could see through the window that my aunt/uncle visiting from Taiwan (my cousin's parents) were home so I rang the doorbell and hung out with them for about an hour until it was time to check on my parents' house one more time. Third time's the charm! It's a good thing that we all live close together. Otherwise this running around would not have been possible.


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