Friday, August 10, 2012

RJ Goes to the Vet

RJ: Oh yes. It's that time of year again. It's time for RJ to visit the vet for his regular check up and get an updated rabies vaccine and distemperment shot. Unlike Ginger, he didn't need any coaxing to get into his carrier, but he wailed all the way there and wailed all the way home. I wish my doctor appointments would last as long as his did: weight, temperature, ears, eyes, 2 shots and he was outta there. I was hoping that he wasn't going to get fresh with the vet technicians and vet because that'd be really embarrassing. Fortunately, he was well behaved, only clinging to the vet examining table and trying to wiggle out of the vet's hands as she was examining him. Unfortunately, he's gained a few pounds so we're going to have to a) limit his food intake a little more and b) get him some restricted calorie food.

Food and Movie: My friend James came over for dinner tonight, and ensure that I didn't have a repeat chicken marsala fiasco like I did last time where the chicken turned out too dry, I tried a new recipe today (Recipe #11 of 2012)...crock pot chicken parmesan. No browning of chicken necessary. Yum! Afterwards, we watched the movie The Descendants that I got at Redbox. I thought the movie was sad and a little longer than it should be, but the acting was great. I guess you can't go wrong with George Clooney.


Linda said...

Our Bob & Tom always wail when in the pet carrier. Your dish sounds awesome!

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