Friday, August 24, 2012

Target Success

Spin class: On my day off today, I went to spin class in the morning (I haven't been since Tuesday night last week, eek). I was looking forward to Anna's class, but unfortunately she was not there. There was a substitute instructor instead, but I liked her music so it's all good. Also, Janice (Tuesday's instructor) wasn't there to give me a hard time for disappearing for a while.

Shopping: I went to Target to see if I could get any clothing deals (and also get some bread and jelly). I scored 2 dresses at $12.48 each, hooray!

Family: I went to my parents' house earlier to talk to Dad about a refinancing deal that my mortgage guy proposed. I also taught Dad how to Skype by downloading it to his iPad. How do you explain something that just comes naturally to you? I've only recently started Skyping with my sister (the webcam on my new computer broke, so I returned the computer, ugh) and I thought it was an intuitive app to use, but I had to explain how you call and hang up on someone and how to increase/decrease the volume. I hope he starts using it more to talk to Julie "on the phone."


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