Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Birthday Card from the Office

Since February is my birthday month, I got my birthday card from the office about a week ago.  It always amuses me because I make the cards that Human Resources give to the Executive Director to sign and give to staff.  I got one from this batch.  One of the HR girls came by to visit me yesterday, asking if my boss was coming in because she wanted to give her the Employee Appreciation Week cards to directors to give to their staff.  Nope, she's not coming in because she broke her wrist and isn't coming into the office this week.  We talked for a little bit and as she was leaving, she backtracked, "Is it weird when you get cards that you made?"  Yeah, a little, but I think it's a nice gesture that the big boss does.
I had an all-day meeting today, but fortunately it went by really quickly and it also ended earlier because a) we ran out of things to talk about and b) we wanted to get our guests out of here before the snow started.  I was strategic in bringing a Tupperware container so that I could snag some leftover Thai food from lunch and eat it for dinner.  It pays to plan ahead!

The snow is coming down pretty quickly right now, but I don't see any of it sticking to the streets.  The county schools announced that school is already closed tomorrow.  I brought my work computer home so that I could get some conference calls done.  Grown-ups don't get snow days anymore, I guess.  Or at least not tomorrow.  No excuses.

Side note: I love this story about kids reading to shelter cats.


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