Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Snow Day"

Well, kinda.

The Federal government was open, but OPM gave unscheduled leave and telework options due to the slippery conditions outside (we got a bout of freezing rain overnight).  Yes, please!  I was still hacking up stuff, but felt well enough to put in a full day.  I think I sounded worse than I actually felt.  There's work to be done...must keep it moving.

At the end of my workgroup conference call (I had to move this from yesterday to today, and I was thankful that people were flexible), one of the people on the phone was like, "Are you at home or at work?"

At home.

"Are you in your PJs?  (pause) Wait, that's a really personal question.  Never mind."

I had to laugh.  Well, I AM in my pjs!  "Yep, I basically rolled out of bed and turned on my computer."

I think because of my age and the age of the members that I work with, I think sometimes they treat me more like they'd treat a student or a kid, not a peer (well, obviously I'm not a peer).  This wouldn't be a question they'd ask my boss, that's for sure.  As long as they respect me and my work, we can joke around as much as they want.


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