Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Day, Day #2

I was feeling wide awake last night after making Julie's birthday card so I decided to play with some of the make-up I bought recently.  Using NYX's Love in Florence, Gelato for Two, I created a smokey eye.  For the second look, I tested out a new E.L.F. eyeliner brush and worked on my winged eyeliner skills with some Maybelline gel liner (so far, I like this drugstore brush more than the one that came in my Sigma brush kit!).  Both are rather dramatic looks and probably wouldn't rock it at work.  Well, maybe with glasses, but not with contacts.  They are a little bam, in yo' face!
Even though the federal government had a 2-hour delay today, the big boss already sent out an email last night to say that the office was closed and, like yesterday, instructed us to move forward with conference calls and respond to member inquiries as much as possible.  I broke up the day between emails and digging my car out from the parking lot.  Mother Nature ended up making the job a lot easier by bringing out the sun and melting lots of the snow.  I had an 11 AM call with my boss and a 1 PM conference call that ended up having to be rescheduled because half the people were not able to show up.  I quickly cleared off the remaining snow off the top of the car and escaped to Target for a break away from the computer and from the house.

My goal was to get a hair straightener because my 5+ year old wasn't getting as hot as it needs to be anymore.  I saw a CHI one for $70 on clearance that came with a mini travel sized one.  However, I came away with a $25 one on clearance.  Score!  I already tested it out earlier tonight, and they were not joking when the box promised quick heating!

And of course, it's tough to walk away from Target without buying some miscellaneous stuff.  They were having a Buy 1, Get 1 50% on jewelry and I also had a Cartwheel coupon for 10% (I was totally a sucker for those cute owls in the second earring set that I bought).  I lost my large hoop earrings back in the fall and I've been waiting for a good sale to replace them.  I also stopped by CVS to check out their new NYX display and came away with some matte lip creams that I've been meaning to try out.  I justified all these purchases by saying they are Valentine's Day/birthday presents to myself.  ;)


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