Monday, February 24, 2014

My Birthday Card from Julie

While my crafty abilities involve ink and embellishments, my sister Julie channels her drawing skills.  Every year, I look forward to some drawn birthday card.  Have I mentioned before that she was the cartoonist for her undergrad/master's newspaper (it was the same school)?  The past couple of years have featured the family cats (RJ, Ginger, Oliver).  Here's the one I got this year...the surprise was the appearance of Harry the Homeless Cat on the back of the card.  I guess he's part of the family now, even though he's not really ours.  We're not really sure where he came from, but since Mom feeds him and we made a makeshift hut out of a recycling bin for him, he's smart not to turn that down.


June K said...

Adorable card. . . your sister is so talented.

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