Friday, February 7, 2014

Finally Friday

At the office: Ah, blessed telework day.  A lot of it was spent talking to my boss on the phone and working on a document that was due today.  With her broken wrist, she had to dictate a lot of what needed to be written.  She was planning to come to the office next week, but given that she can't use both hands, she's decided to cancel those plans.  Womp.

Ginger: In other news, the vet said that Ginger was really dehydrated and thus couldn't pull any blood from her.  Mom left her at the vet for observation this morning.  As I was closing up my work day, Mom called again crying (a rarity) saying that Ginger's condition had worsened and she had lost the use of her legs.  She asked that I come by the house tomorrow and we'll all go to the vet first thing Saturday morning to say our goodbyes.

Worst week EVER. 

I was feeling so sad, I couldn't even feel excited for the Olympic opening ceremony (although I did watch some of it).  I didn't feel like celebrating anything today.  I can't even be excited about the weekend because I know it'll start off on a very sad note.


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