Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pacifying Myself

In an attempt to make myself feel better after having to put Ginger to sleep, I went to Target last night and stocked up on peanut butter M&Ms and bought a box of black hair dye.  I've been putting off dyeing my hair and figured Saturday night was as good as any.  I still having gotten the hang of doing this right: some of the hair dye cream solution got on my bath mat, so now there's a black splotch on it.  Also, I missed some of my roots.  Oh well.  No one's looking at my hair that closely.

I also bought a copy of Wolverine on Blu-Ray (on sale for $10!!) and watched that before going to bed.  So, so good!

I had high aspriations to go to spin class this morning, but I opted for sleeping in and going to the gym closer to my house in the afternoon.  I also stopped by Ulta armed with my $3.50 off $10 and a $1 off Maybelline mascara to celebrate my 1-month no buy (January 7 to February 7).  My goal was to get an eyebrow pencil and some clear mascara, but I saw that they had some NYX eyeshadow pallets on clearance, so I snagged some of those. :D

Retail therapy at its best.


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