Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tax Time and Sick Day, Day 1

I started to get a scratchy, tickly feeling in my throat when I was at my family dinner last night.  It's usually an ominous of nasty things to come.  I was slow to get out of bed this morning, but I managed.  What does one do when trying to get her mind off that achy feeling?

Oh, taxes, of course.


If I'm stuck at home, I might as well be productive. 

I have to be honest that I've never done my own taxes before.  Dad has always taken care of it.  He handed me a copy of his current TurboTax a week ago, and that I was my invitation to get started.  I feel like I've been assigned homework and he'll check my work when I'm done.  :P

I was able to make it to the grocery store before my cold started to set in earlier this evening.  WAH!


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