Saturday, January 24, 2015

900th Sale

My iPhone went off right before I was falling asleep last night and it was my 900th Etsy sale.  Onward to #1000.  That's going to be a great milestone to reach.

Not much happened today.  Some grocery shopping and baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my cousin (I offered her a trade: cookies for some treats from Taiwan.  I'll have to deliver my half of the bargain tomorrow since she is leaving for Taiwan on Monday).  I watched 2 movies on TV today.  The Other Woman, which was entertaining and 300: Rise of an Empire, which was meh. It was a little weird seeing Eva Green in that crazy battle-hungry role and it's quite a departure from her role in Casino Royale. When I finished the second movie, I came upstairs to find RJ taking up residence on my pillow.  :P 


June K said...

Congrats on your 900th sale, Tina.

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