Saturday, January 3, 2015

Decluttering (Again)

I've gone through several rounds of decluttering since moving to my townhome and somehow I can still find things that I want to throw away, donate or recycle.  It's nuts!

This is how I spent my Friday night yesterday.

Step 1: Tackle a box from parents' house. A few days ago I went to my parents' house and I retrieved 1 of the 3 remaining boxes of my old things. Inside there were some old books, 2 graduation caps, a photo album and some old timesheets from previous jobs.  This part entailed a lot of shredding.

Step 2: Tackle textbooks. I tried to find some books that I could resell, specifically my public health textbooks. I already recycled my old chemistry books.  Unfortunately, I only found one that was worth anything, and and I will get $15.25 for selling it back. I wish I had thought of this sooner because the versions that I have are not worth anything anymore.

Step 3: Tackle VHS tapes. I also sent off a box of approximately 28 VHS tapes to GreenDisk for recycling.  Yes, I had to pay for them for this service, but I would much rather do that and know that they are not in a landfill somewhere.

Step 4: Tackle personal library.  A coworker said to me last week that she doesn't own many DVDs anymore because she streams her movies. That thought came to mind when I was looking at my bookshelf. I have so many that I don't read anymore, and they take up space.  I figured that I could donate them and if I felt like reading them again, I could borrow a physical or e-book copy from the library.  For books that are from the same series/author, I hope to put in lots so that I can sell them on eBay.  With that said, I took a bag of about 10-15 books to the library to donate. 

For what it's worth, I know that one series that I will NOT be getting rid of is Harry Potter...too much sentimental value here.

So this morning was very productive with going to the post office to mail off the textbooks and the VHS tapes and then the library to donate a bunch of books.  I also did some grocery shopping, which was really good timing because I knew this afternoon would be rainy and gross, so it'd be a perfect opportunity to throw things in the crockpot and have some comfort food ready for dinner and for the next few days. While I waited for things to cook in the crockpot, I watched a ton of YouTube via my Chromecast (mainly Project Pan and Project Use It Up challenge videos.  The one lady (Amber F.) actually finished the entire Naked palette.  Every single eyeshadow. I was really impressed!) and used my spin bike.  I used this Real Simple Magazine Slow-Cooker Creamy Chicken with Biscuits recipe (Recipe #1 of 2015). I added potatoes and didn't include biscuits (it's like the inside of a chicken pot pie).  The next time I make this, I'll include mushrooms.  


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