Monday, January 26, 2015

(Almost) Faceplant

We had a little bit of snow last night, enough that OPM offered optional telework.  Not have to get out of my jammies, yes please!

After I closed up my work computer for the day, I was on my way upstairs and RJ ran right in front of me and I tripped over him.  I almost faceplanted onto the stone by the front door.  I banged my left knee and if it weren't for my boobies and hoodie, I would probably be in worse shape.  RJ got all puffy under the table and glared at me.  I glared back when I managed to sit up.  I'm probably going to have a sore knee for a few days.

I think all was forgiven because he came to take a nap with me afterwards.

If only all fights could be solved so quickly...


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you with all that snow the weatherman was predicting for the east coast. Whew glad you didn't get as much as they said.

RJ....boy he trips you up and then has the nerve to glare back at you??? Where is his compassion for the human that feeds him and takes care of him...hahahaha. He must have had a plan of demise and it weren't suppose to fall down, maybe that is why he puffed up and glared at you. Funny....cats and dogs....wonder what they think, we can only guess. But they are really good companionship when people fail us, don't you think???

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