Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bookworm Mode

I got in a 1-hour spin class this morning and then I went to visit my cousin since she's leaving to go back to Taiwan (but will be back in mid-February to celebrate the lunar new year with us).  I delivered the cookies that I promised and then went two doors down to my parents' house.  Then off to Safeway to get some snacks (Oreos, hummus, and Wheat Thins).

The rest of the day was reading, reading, reading. I found another series via my library's e-book selection, Robyn Carr's Thunder Point.  I made it through Book 1 and Book 2 already and am currently working on Book 3 (which is kinda meh so far compared to the first 2 books).  I am wishing for a snow day tomorrow, but I would settle for an optional telework day.  The Northeast is supposed to get pounded the next few days and I would prefer to be teleworking than shoveling lots and lots of snow.

While I was reading, I had another round of the creamy chicken crockpot dish going. This is the third time I've made it this month, so I'm ready to try something different next weekend.


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