Friday, January 16, 2015

Yay, Home!

OMG, so glad to be home. This wasn't even a long trip (only 24 hours!), but whew, all day meeting (plus a 1.5 hour conference call that I had to step away to monitor), sitting in Atlanta traffic on a Friday afternoon, long line at security, the tray in front of me kept coming down on the airplane, and then the long Metro ride home.  Blah...

I'm thankful that my parents didn't mind keeping RJ until tomorrow. Speaking of him, I've gotten reports that he found his way to the top of and behind the refrigerator.  And Mom also found him licking a pan that she cooked food with. In the people world, bad behavior would mean that you would not be invited back, but as Julie said "He's too cute not to be invited back!"  Neither Oliver nor Ginger (family cats that have since passed away) had ever gotten into such mischief. Sorry, Mom.

I also came home to some positive feedback on a book lot that I sold on eBay recently.  It bumped me up to 50 positive ratings, and I moved to the next colored star.  Onward to #100 for the next colored star :)  2 items sold so far in January 2015, and they were things that I already had in my house!  Not a bad start to the year!


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